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The term vertical garden refers to any kind of construction and support structure for growing plants in an upward-directed, vertical way. Today!we have 10 Year Experience in this. Get a rooftop garden with customised designs and save energy consumption of your space. Vertical Garden is an Innovative Gardening Concept. Get free consultation and design. Green Walls, Bio Walls, Wall Gardens.


Our Mission & Achievements Mission: To be a leading nursery with our special focus on green wall & vertical garden.


To improve the energy efficiency of a home with a structure that blocks the wind and/or sun, or creates a cooling “green wall” effect.


The vertical garden solution from Vista Concepts follows nature and provides a simple system for a more sustainable vertical garden.

We provide the best Vertical Garden service from 10 years

Vertical gardens are the perfect solutions to introduce greenery to urban homes, mixture of nutrients ensures that the plants stay healthy and fresh for years...We will ensure the vertical wall is green from day one and you don't have to wait for Our expert maintenance team will ensure that your vertical green wall stays.

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