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Create Beautiful Interiors using Reindeer Moss Panels

Reindeer Moss wall panels

Reindeer moss is beautiful greyish-colored lichen that forms large matsover the ground in boreal and arctic regions around the circumpolar north. It grows on the surface of bare soil or gravel in the enchanting will nature of northern forests. This lichen cannot be cultivated in any form. This symbiosis of fungus and algae absorbs moisture from the humid air. It stands with its roots on the surface of the ground and takes its nutrients straight from the air. Reindeer moss is an important indicator of air purity. Air pollutants are a threat to it.

Moss reacts inherently to changes in air humidity. When the air is dry,moss becomes dry and brittle, requiring cautious handling. If the air is humid, moss becomes soft and resilient, withstanding almost any kind of handling. The beauty of reindeer moss lies in its multidimensional structure and round-shaped upper surface. Each sprig of moss is unique; you will not find two that are alike.

Bio Moss wall Customised Products

BioMoss Customized Products are manufactured upon request and by agreement with the customer. These can be, for example: 



A variety of base materials and techniques can be used in these products

Moss Wall Specifications & Maintenance

The moss in the BioMoss Moss wall panels Interior Design products is an effective flame-retardant material and retards the ignition of the underlay material used. Polarmoss Flex Element absorb sound, in particular the frequencies at which speech occurs.

Polarmoss products are meant only for indoor use and do not need any special maintenance. If desired, they can be cleaned gently with the dust brush of a vacuum cleaner.

The moss of the products may be touched only with utmost care when the moss is dry. The moss dries and breaks easily when the relative humidity of the air is under 40%. At 40% relative humidity the moss gradually starts to soften. Above 40% relative humidity the moss stays soft and tolerates normal touching well.

Bio Moss wall Interior Design Products

The Polarmoss products’ unique surface textures and the shapes of the moss add a living, soft dimension to interior design. See the profound beauty inviting to be touched. Experience different styles and ambiences produced by the variety of colors.

The maintenance-free, fire-retardant, and sound-absorbing properties of the handmade products offer the best way to introduce nature into the interior spaces of public and private buildings. With the beautiful Polarmoss products you can genuinely experience the soft connection to the natural essence of northern forests.

Moss Wall panel colors

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