Create Beautiful Interiors using ARTIFICIAL VERTICAL GARDENS

Why Choose Artificial Vertical gardens

Artificial vertical garden designers have worked hard to capture the exact colors, shadings, dimensions and movement of real plants. These Plastic polymer ultra-realistic foliage can be personalized with additional Color Box selections in a variety of stunning plant mixes that can be combined to create a bespoke artificial  ‘living wall’ ‘Vertical garden’. Each Signature Panel seamlessly connects to the next, both visually through the organic design and through the physical installation method.

Artificial Vertical Gardens Design

Artificial verical gardens & green walls are designed to stand up to even the most challenging conditions , air pollution, exposure to full sun, and the constant wind create harsh conditions for living plants to grow well. At certain sites Designers usually leave out any serious planting or extensive greening, due to the high risk of plant failure.
With hardy naturalistic foliage UV tested to minimize fading, plus steel grid panels, Artificial green wall systems provided a robust and attractive alternative to real planting in this exposed location.

Artificial vertical Garden Installation

Artificial Vertical gardens and artificial green walls are cost effective and maintenance-free green wall solutions. These are quick and easy to install.

For example, a breath-taking artificial green wall can be set up in only a day, transforming a luxurious courtyard recreation area in a domestic terrace.

Panels fit effortlessly onto most surfaces with cleverly designed wall-fixing system, and can be easily maintained using a microfiber duster or light pressure water from a garden hose.

5 REASONS TO CHOOSE Artificial Vertical Gardens

  • Beautiful, ultra-realistic greenery to rival the real thing.
  • Customise with our unique Colour Box system.
  • Unique fixing system allows easy installation and cleaning.
  • Fire rating suitable for interior placement.
  • All environments and weathers (UV stable, wind and freeze tested)​.

Artificial vertical garden pictures