Plastic Pot Vertical Gardens

Create Beautiful Interiors using Plastic Pot Vertical Gardens

Plastic Vertical Gardens are the most common and cheaper alternative for a vertical garde.

The Plastic pots last for 5-6 years and they develop cracks after that.

The plants are planted as saplings and they are allowed to grow for 2-3 months. They form a thick green wall carpet only after this time period.

They mostly come in black color, one should ensure that the plastic quality is good aotherwise they won’t last long

Plastic Pot Vertical Gardens

Plastic vertical garden planters are an array of plastict pots. These pots are being anchored on to a Plastic gridwork with back support structure.

Each vertical garden pot is provided with an irrigation dripper for watering.

These pots are planted and light weifht material such as cocopeat is being used.

Other organic or incorganic additives are used to provide fertigation for the plants.