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Established in 2012, Bio Vertical Garden is a Delhi based firm having PAN India presence and operating offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain green walls also known as vertical garden, green wall, living wall, wall planter, vertical farming and roof gardens. We specialize in the designing and installation of latest technology structures that are highly durable, cost effective, attractive and easy to maintain systems that incorporates an incredible diversity of plant species in India. Our latest system comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

 Over the years we have undertaken numerous projects of varying scale all over India including all types of roof gardens, vertical gardens, vertical farming, green wall, living wall, wall planters and bio walls for both commercial and private clients. We have created market standards with an impressive list of reputed organizations as our repeated clients. We also provide a wide range of after sales services including doorstep maintenance of vertical gardens and green walls.

Vertical gardens:Key to healthy cities

Vertical gardens look good on asthetics and rank well on fighting air pollution as well. They have excellent heat absorption and pollution control abilities so they are a key to healthy cities as they fight both indoor and outdoor air pollution and are easy to be installed in urban areas with lesser available space on stone and concrete walls. We are the largest manufacturers and providers of vertical gardens in India. We use the best technology available for creating beautiful and long lasting vertical gardens, greenwalls, bio walls, living walls, wall planters, vertical farming and roof gardens. We encourage both private and public developers to use more and more vertical gardens so that beautiful greenscape can be installed free standing or on walls both indoors and outdoors and thereby fighting both indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution along with beautification of the walls and surrounding areas.

BioVertical : Best vertical gardens in Delhi,Bangalore & Mumbai

We supply, develop and maintain vertical gardens all over India. With presence in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Vertical gardens are structures installed on the walls which holds plants. vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. Found in nature and ancient civilizations, vertical gardens have been thriving for centuries on walls all over the world. Vertical gardens are also known as Greenwalls, Bio Walls, Lifewalls, Living Walls, Plants wally, Eco walls etc. 

Vertical Gardens Look Good and they Do good as well. They help to lower the carbon footprint of a building by filtering Carbon-dioxide and air pollutants. Vertical gardens also help in heat absorption which can lead to significant energy savings. Vertical gardens are the best medium to maximise garden space by growing plants on walls. 

Best Vertical Gardens in India : Featured Projects

Vertical Garden @GK2


This was a terrace garden vertical garden project in the heart of Delhi,India designed and executed by BioVerticalgarden. The Client wanted an array of plants with colours and flowers. The lifewall was done in various panels. The large Buddha Feature added a good charm to the overall layout.Total 450 SQFT



Radisson Lucknow was a Unique Project. Done with Iconic Architects AND STUDIO. There was actually no space for landscaping and tree plantation so the architects skillfully used vertical gardens on all the boundary walls. Over 10000 Sqft of vertical gardens were done to give the property a complete green cover. The vertical gardens came up well setting an example in the greenwall industry. 

Greenwall @ ASM, New Delhi,India

This vertical garden Greenwall was made in Lutyens Delhi at a Beautiful Amrita shergill Marg residence. Designed by renowned architect Mr. Abhimanyu Dalal and executed by BioVerticalgarden. The architect wanted a very natural looking green wall. He wanted the vertical garden to look good with the stone finishes and as many flowering varieties as possible.Total 600 Sqft.

 Vertical garden & living wall pictures

Biovertical Garden is a  premium provider of  vertical gardens. We have done projects all over India. We have Service areas in all major cities and strong presece in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai,Pune and Hyderabad. Here are some Pictures of vertical gardens 


The Primary deciding factor for the cost of a  vertical garden is the type of vertical garden system used. Other cost factors are the support structure, Indoor vertical garden or outdoor vertical garden, types of plants used and the climatic conditions of the area. Eg, vertical garden in bangalore would be disfferent in many aspects as compared to a vertical garden in Delhi. 


Vertical Gardens

Rs. 700-900 Per SQFT

PLASTIC POT Vertical Gardens

Rs. 650-900 Per SQFT


Vertical gardens

Rs. 200-1800 Per SQFT


Vertical Gardens

Rs. 5000-5500 Per SQFT

Vertical Garden


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